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Holly creates a vetted list of candidates

Give Holly your job description and answer her questions, and she’ll make a highly curated list of candidates. After you approve them, she’ll start reaching out to them on your behalf.

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Holly engages with candidates on your behalf

Install the Chrome Extension and let Holly engage with candidates and guide them to book an interview with you. She’ll answer questions on your behalf just like you would.

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Holly learns from your feedback

By providing Holly feedback on the candidates she provided and vetted, she’ll improve her candidate outreach for you and make sure future candidates are an even better match.

Holly works where you work

Holly is trained on hundreds of open roles

She has a lot of experience in understanding the requirements for deeply technical roles.

Holly has vetted thousands of candidates

She is great in understanding candidate profiles. She is even trained to be on the look-out for spam and fake profiles.

Holly is built to think and behave like a human recruiter would

She is designed for you to be able to interact with her easily and in a human way.

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